Call for Tenders – POC7

Do yoPOCu have an idea that lies at the bottom of the drawer, and it’s just a letter on the paper or a thought in your mind?

You do not have the means to develop a prototype, and you have no confidence in whether you will survive on the market?

Then the POC7 announced by HAMAG BICRO is the contest for you!

Ideas require research towards a protoype with the same chance of a positive and negative outcome!

The Croatian Small Business, Innovation and Investment Agency (HAMAG-BICRO) announces a call
to co-finance research and development projects for entrepreneurs through the Innovation Concept Check Program (PoC7 PRIVATE)

The Seventh Call for Co-financing projects through the Innovation Concept Check Program invites interested people who meet the public call requirements to apply for projects through the Recognized Centers responsible for providing support to competitors through the process of reporting and implementing projects. Detailed information on the PoC7 Program and the terms of co-financing can be found in the “Innovation Concept Checklist for Operational Procedures”. The manual and other documentation are available on the HAMAG-BICRO web site ( and the Recognized Centers. (The PC List is in the Manual)

The aim of the Program is to support innovations in the early stage of research in order to ensure pre-commercial capital for technical and commercial testing of an innovative concept, as well as strengthening the capacities and capabilities of the private sector for research, development and innovation.

The call is intended for legal or natural persons who are:

– physical persons who have a serious intention to establish a company and who do not own more than 50% of the shares in companies having the status of a large-scale enterprising undertaking as well as a PoC7 competitor

– Entrepreneurs (companies) that fall into one of three categories: micro, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs

Note: This call is not intended for co-financing projects of scientific research organizations.

The program is intended to co-finance pre-commercial activities in the initial phase of the development of new products, services and technological processes:

– verification and protection of intellectual property,

– production of a functional prototype, demonstration of technical feasibility

and additional activities (market analysis or development of cost-effectiveness studies, development of concepts and strategies for the development or commercialization of products (study or commercialization plan))

Eligible projects will be co-financed in the amount of minimum 35,000 kn up to 350,000 kn and up to 12 months maximum.

Intensity of support:

– Micro and small businesses: The program finances up to 70% of the total eligible costs incurred in the implementation of these eligible activities. The tenderer is obliged to provide at least 30% of own or other resources.

– Medium Enterprises: The program finances up to 60% of the total eligible costs incurred in the implementation of these eligible activities. The tenderer is obliged to provide at least 40% of own or other resources.

Funds in the total amount of HRK 16,346,153.85 available for approved projects under this Public Call were secured from the World Bank loan for the second technological development project – STP II (78%) and from national sources (22%)

Deadlines: Project applications will be received from 11 June 2018 to 12 July 2018 at 23:59:59 hours.

The application is submitted in a way that, together with the accompanying documentation, it is sent to one of the e-mail addresses of the recognized center you have chosen. All applications received after the expiry of the delivery deadline will not be considered.