Financing of Entrepreneurial Ideas (EU and National Funds)

EU funds

EU funds offer many opportunities to develop business ideas in almost all sectors of society; from a non-profit, private to public sector. Our specialists can help in the following way:

  • offer information services on funding options from ESF funds and EU programs based on your investment plans and ideas
  • offer an illustration of good practices from the European Union that are similar to your project idea
  • develop your project ideas that will be in line with all relevant EU and RH strategies
  • execute tender documentation
  • pre-evaluate your project documentation
  • EU Networking – creating your organization’s profile and networking with potential partners at EU level
Public procurement

Aestus team offers the complete service of compiling bidding documents.
For Contracting Authorities:

  • preparation of documentation in accordance with the law on public procurement and other accompanying legislation
  • the opening of tenders
  • keeping minutes of tendering meetings and other documentation
  • ex-ante evaluation of tender documentation

For Bidders:

  • monitoring of tender opening procedures and reporting
  • creating bidding documentation
  • ex-ante evaluation of the offer
  • conducting the process and tracking the potential irregularities of the Contracting Authority
  • conducting appeal processes
Negotiating with investors

Investors (the holder of an idea) often must look for a certain amount of co-financing from a larger investor on the capital market to close financials of a project. The Aestus team can, on behalf of the investor, conduct negotiations to achieve the best financing conditions for the client to make the best returns through the investment. Below is a list of possible investors with whom the Aestus team can negotiate:

  • EU funding sources
  • National Funds
  • Croatian National bank for Reconstruction and Development
  • Commercial banks
  • Private investors (venture capital funds, angel investors etc.)