Project Management

Project is a temporary undertaking that is defined by time, scope and resources, and is intended to deliver products, services or business results. Each project is unique because it is not a current operational operation, but a specific set of operations designed to achieve a set goal. Software development, bridge construction, development of new tourist services – all these are considered as projects.

To execute projects successfully, it must be managed by experts who have a range of specialized tools to manage the entire project life cycle, from start-up, planning, execution, control, and shutdown.

Aestus team can partially or fully assume responsibility for the outcome of a project. We can offer following services to our clients in the realization of projected goals:

Project “health check”

Scope of works is focused on the project’s preventative health at the planning stage. Aestus team can review your project documentation and provide an overview of project status and identify the parts that are processed at a satisfactory level and the parts that need to be reviewed or upgraded. The project “health check” enables identification of potential problems during the planning phase and correction of the problems to prevent the risk in the implementation phase. Prevention of potential problems is much cheaper than correction in the project implementation phase. This service is only used if the investor has already started planning and wants to review the Project management plan.


Each project starts with a project idea born at the very beginning. Any potential investor before going into planning must check the feasibility of the idea itself and set measurable indicators that will test the idea and decide whether to proceed with the realization or give up because the idea has not demonstrated a satisfactory level of execution (go / no go decision). The Aestus team can assist the investor in the process of making that decision by making various studies and identifying and analysing potential project stakeholders.


After measuring the feasibility of the project idea and the studies show satisfactory results, the project idea enters the planning phase. This scope of works is the most important part of the project’s lifecycle since the detailed design plan reduces the risks of changes in the execution phase that can result in project delays, project budgeting, and project scope. When the design plan is completed then the official project idea becomes a project. The Aestus team can fully take over the development of a project management plan that consists of the following management plans: time, volume, cost, quality, communications, risks, procurement, human resources and stakeholders.

Execution, Supervision and Control

The execution officially begins after the initial kick-off meeting where the project manager acquaints all project stakeholders with their tasks and responsibilities. Project team Aestus can guide you through the project and execute proper monitoring and control of the activities where you will achieve the desired results and the project will be carried out within the planned scope without delays and additional unpredictable costs. Aestus team uses specialized tools to continuously report the investor on the status of project activities on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.


The final phase of the project life cycle is to close project activities and deliver desired results to the investor. When an investor expresses satisfaction with the results achieved, the project is officially closed.