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Reserve the date, on Friday, June 15, 2018, at 10 am a seminar “How to protect personal information day by day” in Rijeka will be held.
Danko Pigac, Institute for Personal Data Protection (IZOP)
Personal Data Protection in Croatia

John Tsopanis, Secgate, London
How to be a Personal Data Protection Officer / How to be a DPO
The Basics of Cyber Security Enterprise / Cyber Security Essentials

Danijela Vrbljanac, Faculty of Law in Rijeka
Transfer of personal data to third countries and international organizations

Danko Pigac, a Senior Business Consultant specializing in GDPR, has been successfully consulting companies in the process of implementation for more than a year, co-author of Pragmatek’s methodology for the process of alignment, the holder of the PECB cDPO certificate, articles and lectures on how to adjust the business with GDPR. So far it has held more than 150 workshops on GDPR. He is one of the founders of the Institute for the Protection of Personal Data, which cover three areas: Citizenship, Business Entities and Data Protection Officers, and will work with similar organizations abroad to share positive experiences in implementation with the interested public in Croatia.

John Tsopanis is an Advisor for Personal Data Protection and Cyber Security with International Experience. The craft was plummeted at the London office of the world-renowned Deloitte consulting firm, and today it runs a team dealing with privacy as part of Secgate, the United Kingdom. In its portfolio, FTSE 100 advises the energy industry, advises public administration bodies on personal data protection and advises the consultant team to help with the implementation of small and medium-sized companies across Europe with the General Regulation on Personal Data Protection. He specializes in data protection, data protection risk management, and operationalization of privacy in large organizations.

Danijela Vrbljanac is a post graduate at the Department for International and European Private Law at the Faculty of Law in Rijeka. She was a doctoral student under the title “Violations of the Personality Rights on the Internet – International Jurisdiction and Applicable Law”. The postgraduate specialist study “Right of European Integration” ended with the work on “International Competence for Internet Disputes in EU and US Law”. She has been pursuing international scientific institutions such as the Max Planck Institute for Contemporary and International Private Law in Hamburg, Trinity College in Dublin, Bicocca University in Milan and the European Institute of the University of Saarbruecken. She is the author of several articles in the area of international private law and European private law and a member of the Croatian Association for Comparative Law.

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