Financial Advisory

Aestus financial consulting provides bookkeeping and accounting services with a focus on monitoring the achievement of the clients’ goals.


Bookkeeping/accounting services:
– Keeping journals and ledger books based on received bookkeeping documents and the subsidiary book following the regulations and requirements
– Making lists of assets and liabilities
– Registration and deregistration of workers and management of personnel records
– Payroll for all employees employed with the client
– Composing basic financial reports
– Consulting regarding accounting and bookkeeping and the use of business resources.

Administrative services:
– Administrative courier – acquiring documents at your premises
– Digitalization of incoming and outgoing invoices and legal documents
– Archiving documents for the previous and current business year
– Data protection by applying high safety standards of business processes and technologies.

Systematic reporting and continuous consulting:
– Timely reports on the business results
– Professional approach to tax optimization
– Monitoring regulations and legislative changes.


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We are very satisfied with the Aestus team. Very professionally done. They helped us with the design of the project’s financial structure on which we set up safe foundations for doing business.
It also helped us to develop a business plan based on which we received funding from the bank. In short, without their service, our project would not be possible so we are extremely grateful!
I recommend them to anyone who wants to set up their projects from ground up, just like ours was!

Matea Knez, managing director

Our team

Ivan Roje
President of the Board
Danko Žitnić
Member of the Board
Goran Lučin
Member of the Board
Nikša Kalčić
Member of the Board
Aleksandra Ignatoski
Product Development Manager
Branka Galjanić
Sales Manager
Bojan Antulov
Business Analyst
Marija Brčić Čelhar
Customer Service
Ivana Kusturin

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