City of Opatija
Project application for establishing a business incubator for the City of Opatija - HUBBAZIA.

Project value: HRK 2,543,985.25, of which HRK 1,874,634.07 were non-refundable (grants).

Task: Aestus Consulting team was responsible for the composition of City of Opatija application documentation for the tender within the call “Start-up incubator system in the Urban Agglomeration of Rijeka” to finance investments in the project “Establishment of business incubator of the City of Opatija – HUBBAZIA”. The goal was to provide a favorable environment for entrepreneurship development by establishing a start-up incubator focused on creative solutions in tourism. The project refers to the arrangement and equipping of entrepreneurial space, as well as the establishment and implementation of entrepreneurial program cycles aimed at strengthening and encouraging the creation of new businesses.

Solution: Aestus Consulting team composed and submitted the necessary project application documentation for the tender. The project was evaluated with excellent 85.5 points out of 100. The City of Opatija contracted the award of HRK 1,874,634.07 in grants by the Ministry of Regional Development and the European Regional Development Fund.


  • The City of Opatija received a funding approval in the amount of HRK 1,874,634.07 in grants for the realization of the project.
  • A provision of the necessary infrastructure for established and existing companies and individuals with the intention of establishing a company was secured.
  • Organizations and companies will have the opportunity to provide services to local population and young generations of students whom the incubator provides access to the first entrepreneurial steps, also called as business start-ups.

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