Utility company Jelen Ltd.
Izgradnja dječjeg igrališta u Lukežima

Project value: HRK 552,773.00, of which HRK 353,774.72 were non-refundable (grants).

Task: Aestus Consulting team has prepared a project application for the tender for the implementation of the type of operation 3.1.1. “Investing in the launch, improvement or expansion of local basic services for the rural population, including leisure and cultural activities and related infrastructure.” The ultimate goal of the activity is the development of the Municipality of Jelenje, encouraging social standards and strengthening the social quality of life, as well as creating conditions for a comfortable and healthy life of the entire population of the Municipality of Jelenje.

Solution: Aestus Consulting team prepared the necessary documentation and submitted the project to the tender. The project was approved for financing and Utility company Jelen Ltd. contracted the award of HRK 353,774.72 in grants by the Croatian Ministry of Agriculture.

Expected results:

  • One built and equipped playground for children and youth.
  • Improved living standard of the inhabitants of the Municipality of Jelenje, especially children and youth.

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