Your ideas become reality through our services of consulting, creating business plans, developing project applications for tenders on EU funds and financial support of the Republic of Croatia, assistance in obtaining credit and implementing projects.


EU funds offer many possibilities for developing business in almost all sectors of society; from non-profit, private to the public sector. Experts of Aestus Consulting help clients through the following services:
– Informing on the funding possibilities from ESIF funds and EU programs based on investment plans and ideas
– Display of good case practices from the European Union
– Development of project ideas under all relevant strategies of EU and Croatia
– Development of tender documentation
– Pre-evaluation of project documentation
– EU networking – profiling the organization and connecting with potential partners at a European Union level

Aestus Consulting offers full service in the development of tender documentation for the client’s (public and sector) and the offeror’s needs. Including the development of documents, we can consult you in the process of implementation of procurement, from its publishing on a public consultation at EPPC until the signing of the contract with the selected offeror.
Certified experts in areas of public procurement, according to the client’s needs, can also be members of the jury. In the case of procurement financed by EU funds, Aestus Consulting takes the responsibility towards the body authorized to co-finance EU projects.

Based on a flat-rate method of contracting Aestus Consulting becomes your advisor on the way to EU funds. By choosing this model of cooperation you become a part of a partner network where first-hand information flows your way in the shortest time-frame, giving you a competitive advantage when applying to tenders!
– Delivery of monthly tender reviews
– Advantage in the selection of project proposals
– Presentations of tenders for potential project proposals at the level of the applicant and a wider audience
– Guidance and development of future ideas.

Aestus Consulting can partially or fully take responsibility for the outcome of a specific project. In order to successfully implement the assumed project goals for the client, we offer all services as part of the project life cycle:
– Assistance to the investor in the decision making process for initiating the project by creating studies, identification and analysis of potential project stakeholders
– Creating the project management plan that comprises of the following management aspects: time, scope, cost, quality, communication, risks, procurement, human resource, and stakeholders.
– Providing investors continuous reports using specialized tools on the status of project activities on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.
All our projects are conducted by Project Management Institute certified expert.

Strategic documents form an integral part of the investment documentation. They are required to measure the feasibility of the investment and are usually developed in the startup phase of the project idea, so the investor could make a decision based on real terms (go/no go decision). They are used in all sectors of the economy.
Aestus Consulting creates the following strategic documents:
– Feasibility study
– Feasibility study with cost-benefit analysis
– Multi-criteria analysis
– Analysis of cost-efficiency
– Study of economic justification
– Development strategy of local governments (Smart City).

To close the financial construction of the project, each investor (idea holder) must look for a certain amount of co-financing from large investors in the capital market. On behalf of the investors, Aestus Consulting can lead the negotiations to achieve the best financing terms, so our client can achieve maximum returns through investment. Investors with whom Aestus team can negotiate are:
– EU funding sources
– National funds
– Commercial banks
– Private investors (venture capital funds, angel investors, etc.).

To secure personal data and make sure you process them under legal obligations, Aestus Consulting offers an analysis of the business system and the use of personal data in business operations as well as their alignment to the General Data Protection Regulation.
– Revision of the personal data protection system
– A protection program of personal data in the organization
– Education of data protection officers
– Continuous counseling.


Snatch Fitness and Training Center

We are very satisfied with the Aestus accounting team. They helped us with the design of the project’s financial structure on which we set up safe foundations for doing business.
It also helped us to develop a business plan based on which we received funding from the bank. In short, without their service, our project would not be possible so we are extremely grateful!
I recommend them to anyone who wants to set up their projects from the ground up, just like ours was!

Matea Knez, managing director


We are grateful for the extremely professional approach in developing a business plan for the needs of obtaining Zagrebačka banka’s loans. The whole team that was extremely accessible from the start was diligent in fulfilling all of its obligations and was very accommodating and of great help in the successful realization of the project. Once again, thank you very much for and we wish you all the success in further work.

Vikotrija Depope, managing director

Hitro–tec Ltd.

We are extremely pleased with the service provided by the guys from Aestus. They helped us realize our idea of adapting the production hall and now we can finally expand our business. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who has an idea but is not sure how to best realize it.

Slaven Ljubas, managing director

Fracasso Ri Ltd.

We are extremely pleased with the Aestus team’s services, especially the quality of documentation, speed and availability. They helped us get grants to launch the production line. Definitive recommendations.

Milivoj Miljković, managing director

Aluk Tim Ltd.

I am very satisfied with the services provided. Guys are professional, agile and available at all times. We have great support from them in doing our business. I definitely recommend them to anyone who needs business advice on how to invest in the most economical way.

Zoran Matijašić, board member


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