Rektor LNG Ltd.
Documentation preparation for the realization of 79.1 million credit funds with the aim of expanding the production capacity of the client for the production of innovative LNG tanks.

Project value: HRK 79.17 million, of which HRK 79.17 million will be financed by loan.

Task: The Aestus Consulting team was in charge of preparing the documentation of loan application with the aim of expanding the client’s production capacity for the production of innovative LNG tanks.

Solution: The Aestus Consulting team prepared the necessary documentation and the company Rektor LNG was granted a loan in the amount of HRK 79.1 million for an investment that was declared of strategic importance for the Republic of Croatia.

The results:

  • The approved credit funds will be used for the adaptation of the production hall, which will be equipped with the most modern technology for the production of LNG tanks.
  • Increasing the client’s production capacity will directly result in the increase in profitability and market competitiveness.

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