Hitro-Tec Ltd.
Adaptation and equipping of the business hall for production and storage of custom-made metal positions.

Project value: HRK 3,172,400.00 HRK, of which HRK 1,149,550.00 were non-refundable (grants).

Task: The Company Hitro-Tec Ltd. decided to purchase a 5-axis CNC processing center to resolve the lack of capacity for the production of specialized metal positions for the auto industry and to increase the physical production capacity by adapting the existing production facility. By implementing the project, the production capacity of Hitro-Tec will increase by using the most modern production technologies.

Solution: We created the necessary documentation and applied the project to tender „Competence and development of SMEs“. We received a grant from the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts for the project.

– Increased production capacities of the company Hitro-Tech using the most modern production technologies
– Increase in the company’s competitiveness in domestic and foreign markets, which will cause an increase in the volume of contracted jobs
– Strengthening the existing position in the current market
– Acquisition of new markets

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