Municipality of Medulin
Project application to promote education in and through sport with special emphasis on skill development.

Project value: EUR 59.600,00, of which EUR 59.600,00 were non-refundable (grants).

Task: Aestus Consulting team was recponsible for the composition of application documentation for Small Collaborative Partnerships project proposals call within the Erasmus+ programme which promotes traditional European sports and games. The client intention was to use the funds for the purpose of carrying out a project “Skills4Sports: Cross-skill activities for better athletes” with the goal to develop interdisciplinary sports skills in children and youth from Croatia, Slovenia and Hungary.


  • Municipality of Medulin sport community
  • Municipality of Cerklje na Gorenjskem (SLO)
  • Marcali Varos Onkormanyzata (HU)
  • Novi centar Ltd. (HR)


Solution: Aestus Consulting team composed and submitted the necessary project application documentation for the tender. The grant application for the project funding was approved from the Erasmus+ programme.


  • Municipality of Medulin received a funding approval in the amount of EUR 59.600,00 in grants for the realization of the project.
  • Design and practical implementation of a multicultural model of cooperation that enables small communities without appropriate geographical and climatic conditions to engage in winter and water sports.
  • The project will encourage sports and physical activity among children and youth from Croatia, Slovenia and Hungary, thus establishing transnational cooperation between neighboring countries.

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